Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Corona Virus (COVID-19)
EEX Group takes the situation very seriously and has taken comprehensive precautions with regard to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

EEX formed an Incident Management Team which monitors and evaluates on a daily basis the development of the situation, also working closely with the incident management team of Deutsche Börse Group.

For our critical operational services we maintain proven business continuity plans (BCP), including that all critically required functions are technically equipped to work from various locations. This includes back-up offices and in addition, all colleagues are able to do their job remote.

By means of emergency plans and regular tests we ensure that all operative business processes are functioning. Additional precautionary measure to (a) slow down the spreading of the virus and (b) minimize risk for our critical operations have been implemented in EEX Group such as additional hygiene measures, appropriate limitations on business travels, visitors and meetings, distribution of mission critical staff and self-quarantine rules.

There are no restrictions for trading and clearing on the EEX Group Markets and we are confident that we will be able to uphold our services for our trading and clearing community.