Disclosure of Power Consumption

Disclosure of Power Consumption
Electricity suppliers must inform final customers concerning the origin of the electricity they consume. They are obliged by law to show the share of each energy source used to produce the electricity that they supplied. This may be down via existing electricity billing and invoices or via an additional attached document.

French national mix

The following energy mixes are computed using the production data of RTE and the Guarantee of Origin mechanism.

Production mix

The production mix represents the share of each source of energy in the country's power production.

Production mix

Consumption mix

The consumption mix represents the share of each source of energy in the country's actual power consumption. The French consumption mix is calculated from the import and export-adjusted national power production, as monitored by the Guarantee of Origin mechanism.

Consumption Mix

Residual mix

The residual mix represents the share of all sources of energy in the electricity that is not traced by Guarantees of Origin.

Residual Mix

Use of the residual mix by suppliers

The residual mix enables suppliers to measure the share of all sources in the electricity they receive when it is not accompanied by a Guarantee of Origin. This is the case when it is purchased via an organised market for instance. This share of renewable cannot be used for green electricity provided to consumers subscribing to green offers.

How to calculate the mix?

1. Determine the volume to be disclosed

After the end of Year N, determine total electricity sales of year N as well as the volume and type of each electricity product sold in year N.

2. Cancel your Guarantees of Origin

You need to cancel your GOs at the latest before 31st March of Year N+1. We advise you to cancel your GOs progressively throughout the year. For year N, cancellations can be made between 1st April N and 31st March N+1.
You are obliged to cancel GOs to cover at least the amount of green electricity you sold during the year. Voluntarily, you can as well cancel more GOs, in order to improve your total supplier mix.

3. Determine your residual electricity

You have already disclosed the green offer part of your mix. 
If you are supplying 100% green electricity to all your customers, then you have done everything already.
If you only offer non-specific energy offers (you have not cancelled any GOs), then you can simply apply the residual mix to your total supply volume of energy. 
If you have cancelled less GOs than your total supply volume (for specific green offers or just to improve your supply mix), then you may deduce the volume of used GOs from your total supply volume and then apply the residual mix to the remaining volume.

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