French auctions for Guarantees of Origin

French auctions for Guarantees of Origin
In August 2018, the French Minister for an Ecological and Solidary Transition appointed Powernext, now integrated into EEX, to organize the auctioning of Guarantees of Origin produced by the plants benefiting from a support mechanism. The State is the sole seller during these auctions.

Overall presentation of the auctions

Auctions allow the purchase of Guarantees of Origin from production facilities benefiting from a support mechanism. These power plants are registered on the account of the French Climate Authority (DGEC). Only the DGEC can request the issuance of Guarantees of Origin and decide on their auctioning. For each auction, the DGEC decides to offer part or the totality of the volume of GOs available on its account for a given production period.

How do auctions work

Before the auction is held, EEX publishes the exhaustive list of Guarantees of Origin issued by the State and available for purchase via the auction on the dedicated platform as well as on EEX gas and registries website ( > French auctions for Guarantees of Origins section).

Participants registered with Powernext and ECC to participate in the auction then have a period of 7 days to submit their orders and adjust their trading limits. At the latest 2 days after the auction, the results are published and the payment and delivery of the Guarantees of Origin are made.

Calendar of the auctions

Please find below the calendar of the next French auctions for Guarantees of Origin. 

Since May 2020 and upon the DGEC's request, the floor price has been communicated to participants ahead of each auction. 

auctions calendar


Access to the auctions

Participation in the auction will be open to any company that meets – among others – the following criteria:

•    Be an account holder on the registry of GO operated by EEX
•    Accept the GO Auction General Terms and Conditions and adhere to the corresponding Access Agreement
•    Be a member of ECC and sign a clearing contract (several clearing models will be proposed).
•    Pay the annual auction registration fee

The list of Auctions participants is available here.

More information can be found on the FAQ (in French).


Each month,EEX publishes the latest auctions results. The whole report can be downloaded with the Download center up left on this webpage.

The reserve price for the April auction was: 0,15 /MWh.