French Guarantees of Origin Registry

French Guarantees of Origin Registry

Powernext activities were integrated into EEX as of 1st January 2020. 

EEX now operates the National Registry for Guarantees of Origin (GO) under appointment from the French Ministry of ecology, sustainable development and energy. The GO mechanism is the only system recognized in France for the tracking of energy production from renewable sources. It ensures that end consumers can verify the origin of the electricity that they consume. GOs thus provide an opportunity for individuals and companies to actively participate in the energy transition.

Guarantee of Origin: lifecycle and statistics

One GO represents one MWh of electricity produced in a specific month and contains all relevant information on the power plant.

In order to issue, transfer or use a GO you need to be registered as an account holder. Production devices issuing GOs need to be registered as well: 

Go Registry


Issuance: The issuance of GO  can be requested up to 5 months after the end of the relevant production period and they are valid for one year following the end of the production period to which they apply. Once expired, they can no longer be used, nor transferred.

Use or Cancellation: The GOs are used and effectively cancelled by power suppliers or specialized companies for the marking of electricity intended for the consumer.

Transfer: It is possible to transfer active GOs  within the National Registry from one account holder to another. As EEX is a member of AIB (Association of Issuing Body), its account holders can import and export guarantees of origin electronically from and to other European countries.

Regulation: The European regulation applicable to the Guarantee of Origin system is Directive n°2009/28/CE dated 23 April 2009 relative to the promotion of the use of energy generated from renewable sources. The European Directive was transposed into French law in the code of energy, notably in articles L314, R314 and R333, modified by decree n° 2016-944 dated 11 July 2016.


Each quarter, EEX publishes statistics about the Guarantees of Origins which transited through EEX Registry. The detailed figures are available up left of this page in the document named Guarantees of origin - Data 2007-present (zip).



Account holders

To issue, transfer or use GO in France, it is necessary to become an Account Holder in the National Registry for Guarantees of Origin. You will find in this page the registration process and the list of Account Holders.


Registration process:


The main steps to join the National Registry for Guarantees of Origin are the following:

1. Send an email to the Admission Department ( and ask for an admission package

2. Fill the admission forms once you have received the admission package by email

3. Sign different forms by your company's legal representative (or by an authorized person who has received the power of a legal representative)

4. Send back to the Admission Department all the forms

When the dossier is complete, you will receive, via registered mail addressed to the main company contact, the contract signed by EEX, the access codes, for each contact who requested an electronic access.


List of Account Holders:


Please click here to access the list of current account holders.


Production devices


The Account holder needs to register the production devices for which GOs are requested. Only production devices producing power from renewable energy or high-efficiency cogeneration may be registered in the National Registry for Guarantees of Origin.


Production devices benefiting from feed in tariff or market premium contracts:


According to the French law 2017-227 voted on the 24th of February 2017, and to the Arrêté dated on the 24th of August 2018 which entered into force on the January 4th 2019, production devices benefitting from feed in tariff or market premium contracts in France must be registered on the French GO registry on the account opened for the French State.

The producer doesn’t need to open an account on the registry to register its production device. Moreover, it is highly recommended for the producer, to register his production devices through their co-contracting party. This registration is free of charge but mandatory. 

All production devices corresponding to the following criteria are concerned: 
•Production of electricity from a renewable source, installed in the French Metropole
•Benefitting from a feed in tariff or market premium contract
•Installed capacity above 100kW

The list of registered production devices will be published and regularly updated on the EEX gas and registries website (still named


Documentation required:
To register a generation plant, please access your account page on the electronic platform of the National Registry for Guarantees of Origin, fill in the necessary information and send the required documents to the EEX Admission Department (



Access to the platform:

An "administrator" contact may directly modify most of the information contained on the electronic registry platform. However, all changes are submitted to validation by EEX. An "administrator" contact may also register online additional contacts who need an electronic access to the Registry in accordance with their roles. The new contacts will then receive via registered mail their access codes and physical identification keys.


Access to the National registry for Guarantees of Origin.


Guarantees of Origin data


EEX complies with its reporting obligation by publicly disclosing the complete list of Guarantees of Origin issued in France.

Data published:

EEX publishes the data contained in the National Registry for Guarantees of Origin, according to Article 8 of Decree 2006-1118 dated 5 September 2006 concerning the GO of electricity produced from renewable energy sources of cogeneration, and modified by decree 2012-62 dated 20 January 2012. The data is published in the file downloadable on this page, which is updated on a monthly basis.

Consumer information:

The public information provided by EEX aims to inform consumers of the origins of their renewable energy. Consumers may learn more about the origin of the consumed electricity by looking in the Excel file attached to the left column of this web page (Guarantees of origin – Data 2007-present (zip) [en]) and using GO identification number provided by their supplier.

For more details, click here

Mix disclosure:

Electricity suppliers must inform final customers concerning the origin of the electricity they consume. They are obliged by law to show the share of each energy source used to produce the electricity that they supplied. This may be down via existing electricity billing and invoices or via an additional attached document.

French national mix:

The production, consumption and residual mixes are computed using the production data of RTE and the Guarantee of Origin mechanism.

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Useful links


• Association of Issuing Bodies, association of all issuing bodies in Europe
• Association RECS International
• Res-legal, legal sources on renewable energy at the European level

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