Guarantees of Origin

Guarantees of Origin


What is a guarantee of origin?

A guarantee of origin is an electronic document that proves to the final customer that a quantified amount of electricity originates from a specific renewable energy, or is produced by cogeneration.

Guarantees of origin track green energy from the producer to the final consumer, ensuring a full transparence for these consumers.

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GO Lifecycle

Data key figures

45 TWh
GOs certified in 2018
Production devices during the last 12 months
Total production capacity during the last 12 months in GW
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List of Account Holders

Over 50 account holders have joined the National Registry for Guarantees of Origin. Our Admission department will help you set up your own account.

Registering your Production Device

The account holder needs to register the production devices for which it will request guarantees of origin. 

Download more information

Download the registry's general, membership and data information in our Documentation Section.