Guarantees of Origin Registry

Guarantees of Origin Registry
Powernext operates the National Registry for Guarantees of Origin under appointment from the French Ministry of ecology, sustainable development and energy. The GO mechanism is the only system recognised in France for the tracking of energy production from renewable sources. It ensures that end consumers can verify the origin of the electricity that they consume. GOs thus provide an opportunity for individuals and companies to actively participate in the energy transition.

GO Lifecycle

One GO represents one MWh of electricity produced in a specific month and contains all relevant information on the power plant.

In order to issue, transfer or use a GO you need to be registered as an account holder. Production devices issuing GOs need to be registered as well: 

Go Registry



After the completion of the registration process of a production device, an account holder may request the issuance of guarantees of origin.

The issuance of Guarantees of Origin can be requested up to 5 months after the end of the relevant production period and they are valid for one year following the end of the production period to which they apply. Once expired, they can no longer be used, nor transferred.

Use or Cancellation

The guarantees of origin are used and effectively cancelled by power suppliers or specialized companies for the marking of electricity intended for the consumer.


It is possible to transfer active guarantees of origin within the National Registry from one account holder to another.

As Powernext is a member of  AIB (Association of Issuing Body), its account holders can import and export guarantees of origin electronically from and to other European countries.


The European regulation applicable to the Guarantee of Origin system is Directive n°2009/28/CE dated 23 April 2009 relative to the promotion of the use of energy generated from renewable sources. 

The European Directive was transposed into French law in the code of energy, notably in articles L314, R314 and R333, modified by decree n° 2016-944 dated 11 July 2016.


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