Powernext started in 2001 as an organised spot power market in France. Over the years, Powernext grew into a business to conceive and manage trading platforms for spot and derivatives energy markets in Europe. Adapting to the evolution of the energy sector need, Powernext also increased the scope of its services, in particular, to balancing and registry solutions. Since its creation, Powernext has played a determinant role in shaping the European energy market. As part of the EEX Group, Powernext has the ambition to become a major player in the global energy sector.

8 December: CZ VTP products are successfully migrated to PEGAS

16 November: EEX acquires 100% of Powernext

1 September: Powernext is appointed by French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, as the National Registry for White Certificates

15 February: TIGF extends its balancing operations on PEGAS TRS Within-Day

24 January: PEGAS launches time spread products on its futures segment


01 December: PEGAS launches the Austrian CEGH VTP market area on its spot and futures segments

17 November: PEGAS launches the Danish ETF market area

01 October: Fluxys starts balancing operations on the Belgian ZTP hub through the PEGAS platform

11 February: Powernext and Storengy introduce an intraday balancing service on PEGAS


17 November: PEGAS introduces locational spot products. These new products support the physical balancing of French Transmission System Operator (TSO) GRTgaz and German Market Area Manager (MAM) GASPOOL.

17  April: PEGAS launches the Belgian ZEE Gas Spot and Futures markets.

01  April: the TRS market area replaces the existing PEG Sud and PEG TIGF contracts.

26 March: PEGAS successfully launches its UK NBP Spot and Futures and PSV Futures markets.

01 January: All natural gas activities of the EEX Group are now operated by Powernext under the brand PEGAS. In total, 154 participants are now admitted to trading natural gas products on PEGAS. EEX is now a majority shareholder of Powernext.



9 July: Powernext launches new Spot and Futures contracts on the Belgian Zeebrugge Trading Point.

11 February: Powernext becomes a Regulated Market under the supervision of the AMF 


28 August: Natural gas spot contracts traded on EEX are successfully transferred to PEGAS 

7 July: Powernext becomes member of the AIB (Association of Issuing Bodies)

29 May: EEX and Powernext announce PEGAS, their cooperation in natural gas trading

01 February: Powernext Gas Futures launches monthly, quarterly, seasonal and yearly contracts on the Dutch TTF hub, as well as a PEG Nord/TTF Spread product

29 January: Powernext is appointed by French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, as the National issuing body for electricity guarantees of origin in France


26 October: Powernext is registered as designated Exchange on TTF by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

10 January: Powernext launches Powernext Energy Savings, a spot market for Energy Saving Certificates (Certificats d’Economies d’Energie or CEE in French)


01 July: Powernext launches a market coupling initiative between the two French Nord and Sud zones

25 May: Powernext Gas Spot launches a PEG Sud/PEG Nord Spread product on its Within-Day, Day-Ahead and Weekend contracts


23 November: Powernext and Metnext, along with Meteo France, announce the launch of the EnerMET-Trading Platform

21 October: Powernext announces the launch of the OTC Clearing service for Powernext Gas Futures


01 December: GRTgaz performs parts of its balancing operations through direct interventions on Powernext Gas Spot

17 September: Powernext adopts a new corporate identity to reflect its strategic positioning. A new logo, baseline (“Powering the next markets”) and website are launched simultaneously to accompany this evolution

01 April: EPEX Spot transfers the clearing activity for French Power Products (Day-Ahead and Intraday) from LCH. Clearnet SA to ECC, Powernext transfers French Power Futures market (Powernext Futures) into EEX Power Derivatives GmbH along with its 44 trading members


31 December: Transfer of Powernext Day-Ahead, Powernext Intraday, market coupling staff and activities into EPEX Spot SE. Powernext holds a 50% stake in this new company

26 November: Launch of Powernext Gas Spot and Powernext Gas Futures

30 June: NYSE Euronext leaves the capital of Powernext and sells its 34% shares in Powernext to HGRT, BNP Paribas and Société Générale withdraw from the capital of Powernext, GDF Suez, TIGF and GRTgaz become shareholders of Powernext


21 December: Sale of Powernext Carbon to NYSE Euronext

6 June: Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between the representatives of the Central Western European (CWE) region (Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands) in order to create an integrated electricity market in the region.

12 April: Launch of Powernext - Balancing GRTgaz platform

01 March: Launch of OTC Clearing service for Powernext Futures


21 November: Launch of the Trilateral market coupling (TLC) between French, Belgian and Dutch electricity markets. The TLC is a cooperation between the three power exchanges (APX, Powernext, Belpex) and the three transmission system operators (Elia, RTE, TenneT)

7 July: Incorporation of Belpex (Belgian Power Exchange) owned by Elia (60%), RTE (10%), Tennet (10%), APX (10%) and Powernext (10%)


31 December: Launch of Powernext VPP (Virtual Power Plants) service for Belpex and Electrabel

24 June: Launch of Powernext Carbon spot market for European CO2 allowances


18 June: Launch of Powernext Futures for power futures in France


03 January: Law concerning gas and electricity markets and energy public services. CRE becomes Commission de Régulation de l’Energie and sees its mandate extended to the gas sector


26 November: Powernext launches power Day-Ahead contracts on the French Delivery Area

30 July: Incorporation of Powernext owned by HGRT, Euronext, EDF, Société Générale, BNP Paribas, TotalFinalElf and Electrabel


12 April: Launch of the Powernext feasibility study with Euronext partners: BNP Paribas, CPTE, EDF, Electrabel, RTE, Société Générale, TotalFinaElf. 

24 March: Creation of the Commission de Régulation de l’Electricité (CRE)

10 February: French law on the modernisation and development of the public electricity service