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2017-11-16 | PRESS RELEASE

EEX acquires 100% of Powernext

2017-11-06 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS launches Congestion Management Products for French TSOs

2017-10-27 | PRESS RELEASE

EEX and Powernext Non-MTF markets to be transferred into OTFs in line with MiFID II

2017-10-24 | NEWS

ENET Energy SA starts trading on PEGAS Spot and Futures

2017-10-03 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS reports a strong development in September, including a new volume record on PSV Futures

2017-09-28 | NEWS

Clean Energy Markets Access GmbH starts trading on PEGAS Spot and Futures

2017-09-28 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS supports Fluxys Belgium in simplifying ZTP physical trading

2017-09-21 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS CEGH Czech Gas Market to join PEGAS platform in December

2017-09-19 | PRESS RELEASE

Powernext appointed to operate the National Registry of Energy Savings Certificates

2017-09-14 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS ZTP monthly gas price index attractive new option for end users and suppliers in Belgium

2017-09-05 | NEWS

Trafigura Trading (Europe) Sarl starts trading on PEGAS Spot

2017-09-05 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS starts new spot market index and harmonises use of existing futures indices

2017-08-10 | NEWS

Open Energy Platform AG starts trading on PEGAS Spot

2017-08-02 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS trading volumes remain over the 100 TWh threshold in July

2017-07-07 | NEWS

Dolomiti Energia Trading starts trading on PEGAS Futures

2017-07-03 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS trading volumes improve by 34% year-on-year, with futures volume over 100 TWh

2017-06-15 | PRESS RELEASE

Powernext publishes the French residual mix for 2016

2017-06-01 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS volumes progress boosted by CEGH VTP and ZTP monthly records

2017-05-02 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS Spot volumes increase by 28% year-on-year

2017-04-04 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS: The CEGH hub is the reference market in Central Eastern Europe

2017-04-03 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS CEGH VTP reaches an overall monthly volume record in March

2017-03-31 | POSITION PAPERS

The CEGH hub reference market in Central Eastern Europe

2017-03-01 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS: Time spread contracts confirm an excellent start with 6.1 TWh in February

2017-02-15 | PRESS RELEASE

TIGF to extend schedule of balancing operations on PEGAS as of 15 February

2017-02-13 | POSITION PAPERS

Statement on the corner stones of the revision of the Gas Network Access Regulation

2017-02-02 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS Spot continues its record-breaking run in January

2017-01-25 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS: Successful launch of time spread products

2017-01-16 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS achieves record results in 2016

2017-01-12 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS to launch time spread products on its Futures Markets in January

2017-01-03 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS Spot concludes 2016 with new monthly record

2017-01-01 | POSITION PAPERS

PEGAS advises against further integration of gas market areas