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2018-04-13 | POSITION PAPERS

PEGAS Consultation Response to Concept Paper on Austrian Balancing Regime

2018-04-04 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS reached a new record on its spot segment with 133.4 TWh in March

2018-03-26 | NEWS

PEGAS Futures markets closed on 30/03 (Good Friday) and 02/04 (Easter Monday)

2018-03-21 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS records its first TTF Option

2018-03-05 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS Spot records a new high in February supported by strong volumes on all hubs

2018-02-06 | PRESS RELEASE

EEX Group unveils innovative solutions for energy and commodity markets against backdrop of decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation

2018-02-02 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS reports strong spot volumes in January and a monthly record on GASPOOL

2018-01-24 | PRESS RELEASE

Powernext SAS and PJSC UKRTRANSGAZ signed a memorandum of understanding to evaluate possible cooperation in Ukraine

2018-01-22 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS sets again a new high in 2017

2018-01-03 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS reaches a new volume record on the spot segment with 95.7 TWh in December