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Archives 2008

2008-11-27 | PRESS RELEASE

Powernext Gas: promising volumes on the first trading day on Powernext Gas

2008-11-26 | PRESS RELEASE

First trading day on Powernext® Gas on 26 November 2008

2008-11-13 | PRESS RELEASE

Launch of Powernext® Gas Spot and Powernext® Gas Futures on 26 November 2008

2008-09-17 | PRESS RELEASE

Powernext on track for the launch of its gas exchange

2008-05-30 | PRESS RELEASE

EEX-Powernext cooperation forward-looking step on the path towards a European power market

2008-05-19 | PRESS RELEASE

Powernext announces the launch of an organised gas market in France