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Archives 2016

2016-12-02 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS registers strong spot volumes in November

2016-12-01 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS: Austrian CEGH Exchange products successfully launched

2016-11-22 | POSITION PAPERS

PEGAS Position paper on the further development of the German gas market areas in the light of the Gas Target Model II

2016-11-22 | POSITION PAPERS

Position Paper on the description and further development of the German Gas Market areas in the framework of the market dialogue with BNetzA

2016-11-03 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS: Strong volumes in October supported by new spot and futures records

2016-11-01 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS maintains growth in October driven by strong spot and futures volumes

2016-10-04 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS registers a strong volume push in September with a record on TTF Spot

2016-09-20 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS and GRTgaz extend coupling interventions to weekends

2016-09-19 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS: Spot spread contracts to become available for trading 24/7 as of 22 September

2016-08-24 | POSITION PAPERS

Second statement in the proceedings for the amendment of the specification for the introduction of a conversion system in quality-overlapping gas market areas

2016-08-04 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS-CEGH cooperation approved by Austrian and German authorities

2016-08-01 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS spot volumes increase by 55% year-on-year

2016-07-13 | PRESS RELEASE

Fluxys to start ZTP balancing operations on PEGAS as of 1 October 2016

2016-07-06 | PRESS RELEASE

Danish Gaspoint Nordic to join PEGAS platform

2016-06-20 | PRESS RELEASE

CEGH to join PEGAS platform

2016-06-02 | PRESS RELEASE

EEX and Powernext confirm launch date of additional trading venues in response to MiFID II

2016-06-01 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS strengthened its market position year-on-year

2016-05-02 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS volume doubles year-on-year

2016-04-22 | POSITION PAPERS

PEGAS statement regarding the process for adjustment of the conversion system in quality-overlapping market areas

2016-04-01 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS volumes increase 45% year-on-year

2016-03-02 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS monthly volumes exceed 200 TWh for the first time

2016-02-15 | PRESS RELEASE

Powernext and ECC to introduce measures to further strengthen liquidity in TTF Futures on PEGAS

2016-02-10 | PRESS RELEASE

Storengy/PEGAS: BETSY, a new tool bringing short-term flexibility to the market

2016-02-09 | PRESS RELEASE

EEX and Powernext launch additional trading venues in response to MiFID II revisions

2016-02-02 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS sets again new volume records on spot and derivatives

2016-01-26 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS achieves record results in 2015

2016-01-07 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS ends the year with a record-breaking December