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Archives 2019

2019-12-17 | POSITION PAPERS

PEGAS position on the consequences of the introduction of intraday capacity

2019-12-11 | POSITION PAPERS

PEGAS Response to KAP+ Procedure – Second Consultation

2019-12-04 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS spot volumes: new record for ZTP and CEGH VTP in November

2019-11-06 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS spot volumes in October: a double-digit growth and a new record on CEGH VTP

2019-10-04 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS: Spot volumes increase by 40% in September including a new record on NBP

2019-09-19 | NEWS

The results of the Guarantees of Origin auctions for March and April are available under Guarantees of Origin/Data.

2019-09-19 | PRESS RELEASE

Successful launch of the monthly auctions for Guarantees of Origin in France

2019-09-04 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS : spot and futures volumes up nearly +50% in August

2019-09-03 | PRESS RELEASE

EEX and Powernext intend to offer power derivatives and gas markets under one Exchange license

2019-08-02 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS Futures: strong volumes in July including a record month on CEGH VTP

2019-07-24 | PRESS RELEASE

Powernext publishes the French residual mix for 2018

2019-07-08 | POSITION PAPERS

PEGAS response to KAP+ in Germany

2019-07-03 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS Futures: volumes doubled in June

2019-07-01 | PRESS RELEASE

Egbert Laege to leave EEX Group at the end of 2019

2019-06-20 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS successfully expanded offering to the Spanish market

2019-06-04 | PRESS RELEASE

With more than 250 TWh traded in May, PEGAS scores a new volume record

2019-05-23 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS: first LNG products successfully launched

2019-05-06 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS Spot segment increased by 60% year-on-year

2019-04-09 | PRESS RELEASE

Kpler and Powernext announce the creation of Spark Commodities Pte Ltd.

2019-04-08 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS to introduce Spanish PVB products on June 18th 2019

2019-04-05 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS TTF Spot market reaches a new high in March

2019-04-02 | PRESS RELEASE

Powernext to launch monthly auctions for Guarantees of Origin in September

2019-03-27 | PRESS RELEASE

Powernext granted Recognised Overseas Investment Exchange status in the United Kingdom

2019-03-15 | POSITION PAPERS

PEGAS response to the German TSO's presentation for the gas market merger in Germany

2019-03-05 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS trading volumes in February 2019

2019-02-15 | PRESS RELEASE

Obituary: EEX Group mourns the loss of Dr Jürgen Kroneberg

2019-02-06 | PRESS RELEASE

PEGAS trading volumes in January 2019