Kpler and Powernext announce the creation of Spark Commodities Pte Ltd.

Kpler and Powernext announce the creation of Spark Commodities Pte Ltd.

Singapore, 9th April 2019. Kpler has joined forces with Powernext, part of EEX Group which belongs to Deutsche Börse, to create Spark Commodities. The joint venture will focus on providing technology based solutions to promote liquidity in the physical LNG market whilst providing buyers and sellers with a transactional platform.

Spark Commodities combines Kpler’s proven expertise in energy related real-time transparency solutions with Powernext’s in-depth knowledge of exchange platforms and commodity markets. The company plans to launch in Q4 2019.

“As the LNG market evolves, technology can play a pivotal role in unlocking value and removing barriers to trade. By constantly focusing on helping our customers to capture the value technology can bring to trading, Spark aims to be an integral part of that evolution.” Tim Mendelssohn, Managing Director, Spark Commodities.

“Liquidity is an essential part of any functioning market but creating liquidity is always the challenge. With Spark, our ambition is to provide an alternative route to creating an understandable, liquid physical spot LNG market.” Dr Egbert Laege, President of Powernext and CEO of EEX Asia.

“The LNG market gave us the opportunity to demonstrate how our technology can provide increased transparency to opaque, traditional commodity flows. Spark, in a very different way, will leverage this experience to empower traders to trade and, most importantly, better understand price.” François Cazor, CEO, Kpler.

The company will be based in Singapore with Tim Mendelssohn as Managing Director (formerly of Koch Supply & Trading and BP).

About Kpler

Kpler is a data intelligence company providing real-time transparency solutions in commodity markets. Since 2014, Kpler has been a pioneer in using the possibilities powered by modern data technologies to the benefit of commodity market players. Its clients span from world-leading trading houses, industrial and shipping companies, as well as financial players. By providing full transparency over commodity movements, Kpler enables them to drive new opportunities and make better-informed decisions for their businesses. Kpler has offices in Houston, New York, London, Paris, Dubai and Singapore.

About Powernext

Established in 2001, Powernext is a regulated market under French legislation. Powernext is headquartered in Paris and active across Europe. As a market facilitator Powernext develops tailor-made solutions for energy markets. As part of EEX Group, a group of companies serving international commodity markets, Powernext operates the Pan-European gas platform PEGAS which will soon include financially-settled LNG contracts, as well as the registry for Guarantees of Origins, the registry for Energy Savings Certificates and the registry for Capacity Certificates for RTE. Other services include solutions for TSOs to balance natural gas.