Powernext to operate the registry and to develop auctions for Guarantees of Origin

Powernext to operate the registry and to develop auctions for Guarantees of Origin

Paris, 10th September 2018Powernext has been reappointed as the operator of the national registry for guarantees of origin in France for electricity produced from renewable sources or via co-generation. In addition, the mandate of Powernext has been extended to include the organization of auctions for guarantees of origin issued for generation facilities benefitting from state subsidies. This appointment, as announced by the Ministry for an Ecological and Solidary Transition via a decree dated 24th of August 2018, will enter into force on the 1st of January 2019 for a period of five years.

As implemented in accordance with the European directive 2009/28/EC, the guarantees of origin scheme aims to promote the consumption of electricity from renewable sources or by cogeneration by ensuring its traceability.

Powernext will organise the auctioning of guarantees of origin issued to generation facilities benefitting from feed-in tariffs. The production from such generation facilities (solar, wind, small hydro) was hitherto not valued by the market. These guarantees of origin will be issued on the French State’s account before being sold to the market. The revenues from the auction hence reduce the State’s expenses in subsidised green electricity by its market value. This further integrates renewable energies into the market. 

“Powernext is proud to continue its mandate as the operator of the registry for guarantees of origin in France and to contribute to the evolution of the scheme by preparing the first ever auctions of guarantees of origin in France. Reuniting both our expertise in organizing auctions and in operating registries, this extended role will enable us to actively contribute to the enhancement and development of renewable energy in France”, stated Egbert Laege, President of Powernext.

Powernext solidifies its commitment to the promotion of renewable electricity and to the energy transition by operating the French registry for guarantees of origin, as the operator of the French registry for energy efficiency certificates and as a service provider to RTE’s registry for capacity guarantees. Powernext is committed to bringing all its abilities and knowledge to encourage development in these key areas as identified by the French state.