Production devices

Production devices
The account holder needs to register the production devices for which guarantees of origin are requested. Only production devices producing power from renewable energy or high-efficiency cogeneration may be registered in the National Registry for Guarantees of Origin.

Conditions to register a production device

You can register a plant producing power from renewable sources or from cogeneration in the following cases: 
•    if you are the owner of the “Contrat d’Accès au Réseau” (1)
•    if you have a binding mandate with the owner of the “Contrat d’Accès au Réseau”.

(1)    If your production device benefit from feed-in tariffs, or premium tariffs, special rules apply.

Documentation required

To register a generation plant, please access your account page on the electronic platform of the National Registry for Guarantees of Origin, fill in the necessary information and send the required documents to the Powernext operational support team:

  • a copy of the ”Contrat d’Accès au Réseau” or the detailed data service contract. The latter contains an electric outline of the plant with the location of export and import meters, production and transformer substation auxiliaries, and all production groups.
  • a copy of the receipt of the declaration or the exploitation permit delivered in accordance with the decree dated 7 September 2000
  • if the owner of the generation plant is not the requestor of guarantee of origin, a binding contract between the producer and the requestor, and an extract of the registration with the Chamber of Commerce.

As soon as the dossier is completed, Powernext checks and asks the relevant TSO to verify the information. The production device is then registered.

Each production device may be subject to a complete on-site audit in order to attest the conformity of the information.

Access to the platform

An "administrator" contact may directly modify most of the information contained on the electronic registry platform. However, all changes are submitted to validation by Powernext. An "administrator" contact may also register online additional contacts who need an electronic access to the Registry in accordance with their roles. The new contacts will then receive via registered mail their access codes and physical identification keys.

Access to the National registry for Guarantees of Origin.