Registry data

Registry data

Powernext complies with its reporting obligation by publicly disclosing the complete list of Guarantees of Origin issued in France.

Data published

Powernext publishes the data contained in the National Registry for Guarantees of Origin, according to Article 8 of Decree 2006-1118 dated 5 September 2006 concerning the guarantees of origin of electricity produced from renewable energy sources of cogeneration, and modified by decree 2012-62 dated 20 January 2012.

The data is published in the file downloadable on this page, which is updated on a monthly basis.

Consumer information

The public information provided by Powernext aims to inform consumers of the origins of their renewable energy.

Consumers may learn more about the origin of the consumed electricity by filling the following field, using Guarantee of Origin identification number provided by their supplier.


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Information on GOs :

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Renewable production devices

The production devices registered by account holders issue the equivalent of their produced energy in Guarantees of Origin (1MWh = 1 Guarantee of Origin).

Only production devices producing power from renewable energy or cogeneration can be registered in the National Registry for Guarantees of Origin.

The produced quantity is monitored on a continuous basis and supplemented by regular on-site audits.