Services linked to energy efficiency

Services linked to energy efficiency
Willing to actively support the energy transition, Powernext is engaged in energy efficiency through the Energy Savings Certificates mechanism. Starting in January 2018, Powernext will take over the operations of the national registry for Energy Savings Certificate. The registry will be available on the 10th of January.

Energy Savings Certificate

The Energy Savings Certificate mechanism or Certificats d’Economies d’Energie (CEE) was created in 2005 as one of the key tool of the French energy demand side management policy within the context of European objectives. It enables the promotion and stimulation of investments in terms of energy efficiency through a market mechanism.

The government determines individual energy savings obligations to energy providers, in MWh cumulated actualised (Cumac) for a specific period. The energy providers, also called "Obligés”, must fulfil their obligation by promoting energy saving projects to their clients or face financial penalties.

The energy providers "Obligés" encourage their final clients to save energy through various investments in energy efficiency, among them insulation projects or condensing boilers. These projects are eligible to receive certificates credited by governmental agencies on a registry.

Other actors, "non-Obligés" but eligibles may also participate to the process to sell their certificates to the "Obligés".

A registry for ESC

Using its knowledge on Energy Savings certificate and on Registry solutions, Powernext has participated this year in a tender to continue the operation of Energy Savings Registry from 2018, for a period of 5 years.

Appointed by the Direction générale de l’énergie et du climat (DGEC), Powernext will, as of 2018, run the service operation, the technical evolution and the technical maintenance of the platform. Powernext will ensure a smooth transition with the existing provider.

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