Spot market data

Spot market data
EEX publishes market data every business day after the conclusion of its settlement window. All calculation rules for our reference prices and indices are published in EEX Market Notices, available in our Download section. On 1 October 2021, the previous market areas in Germany, Gaspool (GPL) and NetConnect Germany (NCG), were merged into a new nationwide German gas market called Trading Hub Europe (THE). Historical NCG and GPL data can be consulted under NCG hist and GPL hist. Please find all index files on

Day-Ahead and Weekend

End of Day

European Gas Spot Index

Volumes (MWh)


Within-Day Reference Price

Data distribution

EEX data is available by subscription through the EEX market data department. 

Gas package subscriptions are free of charge for all registered EEX gas traders. Please click here to get all details about registering for an account on the EEX website.

Please click on the following link to find more information and contact details: 

The EEX service includes trading market data and transparency data (REMIT) for all the companies of EEX Group (EEX, EPEX SPOT). 

Neutral Gas Price

The TTF Neutral Gas Price Index is the volume-weighted average price of all trades executed in all the spot contracts, which delivers on a specific gas day ("D") on TTF. The Neutral Gas Price Index calculation window opens two gas days (D-2) before the start of the relevant gas day (D) at 6 am and ends on the relevant gas day at 05:59:59 am CET. The calculation of the TTF Neutral Gas Price Index is based on trades concluded in the TTF Hours, TTF WD, TTF DA, TTF Saturday, TTF Sunday and TTF W/END contracts, bank holidays and individual days. The W/END trades are divided into the respective individual days. As an example, a trade in a W/END contract of 30MW is treated as 720 MWh per individual weekend day for the index calculation.

The Neutral Gas Price Index is continuously calculated and refreshed every 15 minutes for D (the current gas delivery day), D+1 (the next gas delivery day) and D+2 (the day after the next gas delivery day) in the file 'NGP current prices' available for download in this page and in the download center. After the end of gas day D, the final neutral gas price of day D is published at least at 6:10 CET and is used as the final and historical reference price for that gas day ("D"). The final prices are available for 60 days in the file 'NGP Price history', this file can be downloaded in this page and in the download center.


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On 3 February 2020, the European Energy Exchange (EEX) launched the “InsightCommodity” platform giving users the possibility to establish a comprehensive overview of available data products, services and providers around the energy and commodity markets of EEX Group.

Click here to learn more about this new service. 

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